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Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas Holiday treats at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


We love Christmas.

I am not a Christian, but since Christmas is near the end of the year, I take as a date to reflect what I had done for the past 12 months.

For all the goods and bads we encounter, for all the ups and downs we survived through; we celebrate Christmas with gratitude by thanking our love ones.  Giving and sharing is the spirit ^.^

Celebrations can't do without food, especially cute looking ones!

Was invited to Beanstro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at Suntec City for Christmas Treats!
That's me, right in the middle ^.^
Photo credit www.facebook.com/coffeebean.sg
Another one, with my face, heehee...

Pre-Christmas gathering at Coffee Bean's Beanstro was a smashing one.
We had so much fun at the photo booth which was painstakingly set up by Coffee Bean's team.

Coffee Bean is having a extensive spread of Christmas bakes, you will be spoiled with choices.
Food bloggers at work.  Mouth watering, swallow back, resist and persist on taking photos, so as share these goodies on our blogs ^.^

Smiling from left to right cos I was having this
MEGA SIZE Gingerbread Man (S$3.50)

It's bigger than a iPhone6 Plus!
It's so cute that we almost couldn't bear to eat it.  But after the first bite, we wished we ate it earlier!  It's soft with a nice tinge of cinnamon, YUMMY!  Others I had ate were always overdosed with spices leaving a bitter after taste, and of course very much smaller with less satisfaction.  I am absolutely in love with Coffee Bean's Gingerbread Man <3 <3

Tiffany is holding Santa's Gingerbread House (800g  Retail:  S$45  Online:  S$35)

Too cute, really.  Maybe we can start biting off the door first?
Santa's Gingerbread House (800g  Retail:  S$45  Online:  S$35)
Christmas Cupcakes (Pack of 20  Retail: S$45  Online: S$35)
Flavors available - Apple, Banana, Chocolate, Cranberry and Blueberry.

Christmas Party Pack (Pack of 20  Retail: S$45  Online:  S$35)
Mini troves of Stollen, Fruitcake, Spple Cream Puff and Noisette.

These bite size treats are great for Christmas parties and gatherings.
Love them all!

Christmas MUST HAVE - Log Cakes!!
You can have it Black or White,  Which ever, they are all so delicious!

Classic Log Cake (1.3kg  Retail: S$49  Online: S$35)
Vanilla swiss roll with dark chocolate mousse, coated with lips smacking rich dark chocolate ganache.

Apple & Peach Chantilly Log Cake (1.3kg  Retail: S$50  Online: S$40)

Sweet peach and apple fillings encased in light vanilla swiss roll and coated with snowy vanilla chantilly cream.  One slice is never enough...........
Photo credit www.facebook.com/coffeebean.sg

Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Log Cake (1.30kg  Retail: S$50  Online: S$40)

Almost the same as Classic Log Cake, delicious peanut butter is added and encased in the fluffy vanilla swiss roll.
Photo credit www.facebook.com/coffeebean.sg
Christmas Chicago Cheesecake (1.6kg  Retail: S$62  Online: S$52)
Enveloped with fragrance of cheese into the soft yet bouncy cake, no wonder it's the best seller, certainly a crowd pleaser, yums....

Cranberry Panettone (500g  Retail: S$45  Online: S$38)
Traditional Italian Christmas bread filled with cranberries, nuts and citrusy orange.

Yuzu Fruit Cake (1.6kg  Retail:  S$49  Online: S$39)
Asian yuzu (柚子) as the star ingredient, but we can have it in western style =P~~

Blueberry Noisette (1.6kg  Retail: S$55  Online: S$45)
Delightful brownie filled with blueberry and rich dark chocolate ganache, irresistible...

Christmas Stollen (1kg  Retail:  S$39  Online:  S$29)
Fresh loaf of fruit cake with goodness of mixed peel, raisins, crunchy almond fakes.  Covered with snowy icing sugar, we are ready for Christmas!

You probably have noticed that ordering Online is more cost saving!

Here's more saving bundles available online -

Value: S$139  Promotional Price:  S$109
Party Pack (20pcs) + Classic Log Cake (1.3kg) + Cupcakes (20pcs)

Value: S$188  Promotional Price: S$143
Yuzu Fruit Cake (1.6kg) + Classic Log Cake (1.3kg) + Party Pack (20pcs) + Gingerbread House (800g)

Click HERE to order online*
*Terms and condition apply

or call 6273 2221
(Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm)

We are fortunate to be able to celebrate Christmas.  Remember to spread and share some love.
Greeting card (S$15 redeemable for Holiday Treats) and
Christmas Bear (S$5) can be purchase at Coffee Bean outlets.

Full proceeds from sale of Christmas Bear and S$3 from sales of each Greeting Card will benefit
Singapore Children's Society.

Click HERE for the nearest Coffee Bean outlet.

You may choose to bring this cute Christmas Bear home or donate it as a gift to Singapore Children's Society by it hanging on Coffee Bean's Christmas tree.

Let this charity be Coffee Bean's Christmas tradition, give your kind support!

For more information click - www.coffeebean.com.sg
Like Coffee Bean Facebook - www.facebook.com/coffeebean.sg


  1. The classic log cake looks amazing! Thank you for sharing such good deals!

    1. Not bad, you can pop in their outlets to buy a slice to try too!