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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Being healthy - Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic

A lot of us doesn't feel exactly too well on daily basis.

Many minor symptoms like insomnia, constipation, headaches, abdominal bloatedness etc are soundless alarm of our body, telling us our body is getting off the healthy track.  Initially these symptoms comes and goes, after some time they becomes regular.

We don't feel that healthy but yet not sick enough to visit a doctor.

In TCM, this is referred as Sub-Health Issues, which will eventually developed into diseases.

Click onto this video for better understanding:

Recently my husband has gotten high blood pressure.  Although his condition is under control with daily medication, but we are afraid that other problems such as diabetes, heart problems, high cholesterol may follow up T_____T

Very kia si now, friends had given some kind advises on what to eat, what to avoid, but we are quite confuse and not sure who to listen to.

Needless to mention, I want my husband to be 长命百岁 and we made an appointment at Eu Yang Sang TCM Wellness Clinic (Dhoby Ghuat outlet) for a proper diagnosis and Health Report from a certified TCM physician.

Health Report is a new service provided in Eu Yan Sang TCM Wellness Clinic.

The Health Report includes:

  • Diagnosis by physician
  • Dominant body constitution determined
  • Wellness tips suitable for body constitution 
  • Printed health report

Peter was diagnosed by Physician Chee Siow Xian.

After the diagnosis, a Health Report was printed out and the Physician went through the report with us.

Peter's body constitution is classified to be Damp-Heat F Type (湿热型体质).  His personal customized Wellness Tips includes:

  • Wellness Food Therapy
  • Wellness Herbal Tea
  • Wellness Foot Soak
  • Wellness Acupressure Massage
  • Wellness Exercise
  • Good habits for Overall Wellness
He was advised to cut down on quite a lot of his fav food - mutton, steamboat, chillies etc...  He need to consume more cooling food such as cucumber, lotus root, green beans, celery etc...

The Health Report includes a simple recipe which can be easy prepared on regular basis:

Green Bean Lotus Root Soup.

Put green beans and lotus root into boiling water, simmer till soft (30 - 40mins), add rock sugar to taste.

Effect: Clear heat and remove toxins.
Nice and healthy dessert ^.^

Everybody knows drinking herbal/chinese tea is good, but with so many varieties in the market, what type of tea is suitable for our own body constitution?

The Health Report provided Peter 3 types of tea to brew.  So now we know exactly what to buy and what is the best for him.

Through this diagnosis, we realized that we could be putting our body in strenuous stress unknowingly.  A customized prescription of herbs is also given for Wellness Foot Soak for further reducing dampness and heat, at the same time to relieve stress.

Physician Chee also taught him how to do Acupressure Massage at home.
The method was clearly stated with illustrations in the Health Report for easy understanding and reference.

As for exercises, he was advised to perform activities with higher intensity such as long distance running, swimming and mountain climbing (during early morning or evenings).  Overall, he was also advised to avoid late nights and cut down on outdoor activities during hot weather.

After the TCM consultation, he is more aware of his health condition.   And me, as his wife knows what soup and tea to serve him, how to pamper him with foot soaks and nag at him when he over-eats unhealthy food.

Peter probably won't had high blood if he had paid more attention to his Sub-Health condition.  I hope his health condition will remain stable.  I still need him to drive me around, pay the bills, change spoiled light bulbs, clear choked water pipes, kill cockroaches, argue with me, make me angry and......... to love me....

So, please:
Do not ignore Sub-Health issues!
Listen to your body, learn how to take care of your health, it doesn't matter how young or how old you are.

Call Eu Yang Sang TCM Clinic to make an appointment.
Quote "My TCM Health Report" for a special rate of S$38 (usual S$48),
from 15 Oct to 31 Dec 2015.

Click in for online booking ~

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