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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory

Date of visit: 06.06.2015

Some of you probably knows that I stay at Tampines.  I frequent Bedok Point, near near, I like.

Bedok Point is a dining mall, with less retail shops, you don't see crowds walking around.  Taking the escalators is so much easier compared to other places, but the tiny car park with limited slots is a real pain.

One of the most popular dining place in Bedok Point is this:
Chir Chir Fushion Chicken Factory
Glass panel overlooks our street with greenery also promised good natural lightings for fabulous food pics lolxx..

Cute decors, young and lively.

Each table has a little metal bucket lined with plastic bag for chicken bones, also special tongs!
Me and my family of mountain tortoises were all fascinated and couldn't wait to use the tongs lolxx..

We ordered a jug of drink, didn't expect it to come with a soda charger.  All the other diners were looking at our direction!  Waahaahaaa....
The drink was being frizzed than poured into the jug of soda.  I video-ed the frizzing and bubbling process excitingly, but nearly killed myself when I found out the I didn't press the on button (again) >.<

Blue Sky Tok Tok S$14.90

Mac (macaroni) and Cheese S$9.90

It was nice, creamy, milky and cheesy, but it takes a cheese lover to finish the plate.

Spicy BBQ Roast Chicken S$32.90
We shared this among the 3 of us.  A few pieces of rice cakes within, a baked potato, salsa instead of kim chi and a hard boiled egg, with shell T__T   We had a scissor paper stone fist fight to see who was doing the labour work shelling peeling the egg, lolxx....

We love the kiap kiap as much as the juicy chicken.

If I bring my korean friend to our korean restaurants, I think she'll faint, lolxx...  According to what I know, koreans don't eat that much of meat.  Nevertheless, authentic or not, we enjoyed the meal, but maybe not on a regular basis.

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory
Bedok Point
799 Upper Changi Road
Singapore 467351
click into their Facebook for addresses of other outlets

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