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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 2 (Part 2)

This post is a continuation from HERE.

14 Aug 2015 - Day 2 evening

After 3 school visits, everybody was smelly and tired.

I closed my eyes to rest on the way back to the hotel, but numerous thoughts were running in my mind....

I believed many of you had times where you feel that life is unfair:

"I studied harder than that fellow but he gotten better grades than me....."

"I OT like shit, slog like hell, but pay is so much lower than that fellow who shake legs and play games on the table..."

Yes, it's never fair.  But when I saw the people here, struggling in poverty, they don't even have the privilege to talk about fairness.  We have bursting wardrobes, while they can't afford school uniforms.  We have expensive Havaianas, while they wear rubber slippers.  I am not sure if they  get blisters from rubber slippers, but if they go bare foot, their feet will be covered with dirt and mud, maybe worst get cuts by stones.  We have aircon but they don't even have electric fans under such intense warm weather.  Heart pain, I tell you....

We are extending our help, doing what we can within our means, though it's not a long term solution.   Ultimately, they need jobs and education to improve their life.

Thanks to war and wrong leaders for ruin, it's going to take years and years to pick up.  Cambodia is still on it's road towards recovery, I really hope they will work hard to build a stronger nation.

I am not interested in politics but for sure I know,  the comfortable and stable life that I and my family are having now is brought to us by our great father Mr Lee Kuan Yew.... our fate could be very different without him.

From the rural area back to the city of Siem Reap was only around 30mins.

Bath and concussed on bed till 7.30pm.  Once our body batt were charged, it's time to chiong again!

Sis and me went Art Centre Night Market.  It's pretty much like the Old Market.

Crispy pancake USD$1 each.  It's a bigger version of those we ate in BKK, quite nice.

Beef satay USD$1, it's difficult to chew with too much tough fats >.<

They called it banana pancake, but it's actually, banana prata, USD$1.

It's sweeten with condense milk and milo powder, really yummy street food!

The standard price for foot massage is USD$5 for 1hr.

We had a session, not fantastic, but nothing to complain.

We walked back to Pub Street, decided to try this.

We ordered Coupled Dequstation USD$17 cos we wanted to try the snake and crocodile meat.

Misled by the restaurants banner, it's not BBQ, it's mookata,

Crocodile meat.

Snake meat.

Both the snake and crocodile meat taste like rubber, I need stronger teeth to break them down lolxx... >.<  I suspect they weren't real....

We could have beer everyday here, it's only USD$0.50.

The next day was scheduled to visit schools and villagers.  I thought it's going to be the same, didn't know more first time experiences were ahead....  Stay tuned for my Day 3 ^.^

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