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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Captain K Seafood Tower


My kid sis 招兵买马 gather all the gluttons for Captain K.  The 7 of us pledged to order the tallest seafood tower available.

It attracted a lot of curious pass-bys with it's seafood smell which managed to escape through the glass panel doors.

Kiasu big time, we were their first customers, thus possible to snap a pic of a almost full view of the korean restaurant. 
Stools cum bag keeper, also a few bins at each table for shells and what not.

 Sauce/Condiments section.

Yellow plate S$2.00 (noodles, udon, eggs, golden pin mushrooms, cabbage ),
Orange plate S$3.00 (meat dumplings, assorted balls, hot dogs, crab sticks, tofu)
 Red plate S$4.00, White plate S$6, Black plate S$8 (chicken, pork, beef) 

Peek-a-boo kitchen. 

Gotten all the sauces available, all prepared to fight feast.
Free flow kimchi, but need to wave like hell for "re-fill".

We called this our 九重天, 8 tiers of seafood and a soup base.  Visual excitement....

The first top tier opened up to be tiger prawns.  We all need to stand up to grab one onto our plates.
We expect steam prawns to be fresh and this did not disappoint but it's nothing new and nothing to wow about.

The second tier, needed to stand up again. 
Biggest white clams I ever seen, totally no fishy taste or smell, very very tasty.  The mussels behind were fantastic!  It tasted very different from what we had eaten locally.  It's softer and sweeter, my hubby who doesn't eat local mussels was pleasantly surprised and ate quite a few.

Third tier - Alaskan King Crab, only one.  Still needed to stand up.  The 7 of us only get to eat a little each.
 The shell was hard and extremely pricky, don't really know how to appreciate this... I still prefer Sri-Langka crabs, heehee.....

Fourth tier - Oysters, at eye level, we finally were able to glue our butts on the stools.

I thought cooked oysters will shrink, but these did not.  And it tasted like..... MILK PUDDING!!!  I am not kidding.  I wonder how and why oyster can taste like.... it's just yummilious!

Fifth tier - Boston Loster.  Love the orange roe and meat, not enough.... 不够吃。

Sixth tier - Squid stuffed with glutinous rice.  Nice, but still not enough to fill us up yet. 

Seventh tier - (not too sure) Mantis Shrimp??
It tasted like a mix breed of lobster and prawn.

Eighth tier- Scallops, 2 types, red roe and white roe, both with vermicelli.
White roe tasted like pudding and red roe tasted like steam egg.  I never know scallop roes could taste so good, to think that I threw them away most of the time >.<

The eight tiers of seafood was not filling, at all, lolxx...

The last, ninth tier - We chose Kombu Dashi soup base over Korean kimchi and ginseng chicken (which needed a top up of S$15.00).
Needless to say, we helped ourselves at the fridge.

Each tier was a surprise as we did not know what's next, it's a new dinning experience.  The first 3 tiers were good exercise of sitting down and standing up lolxx...

9 tiers seafood was S$288.90, however damage increased farther as we topped up for free flow drinks and the above hot pot which was unavoidable.  The total bill came up to be around S$402 (service charge and GST inclusive) for 7 pax.

The minimum serve is 3 tiers for 2 pax, but I think it's more fun to have a gang of seafood craze friends.  Imagine, 3 short tiers on the table, shiokness level also not high enough de....

Reservation is recommended, check out this interesting place www.captainksg.com

Captain K
30 Prinsep Street
#01-02 Income@Prinsep
Singapore 188647
Tel: 6255 2270

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