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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Voluntary Mission at Siem Reap, Cambodia DAY 2 (Part 2)

This post is a continuation from HERE.


Back to the hotel to freshen up.  Was tired but I was still too excited to sleep, I forced myself to lie on the bed but ended playing with phone >.<

Headed opposite direction from Pub Street to King's Road where there's another smaller cluster of restaurants, pubs and cafe.

More stalls were setting up.

I found another Blue Pumpkin here.  There's also a tim sum restaurant, price range same as Singapore but in USD.  Also Havaianas which I didn't check the price.

King's Road is a nice alternative other than Pub Street, it's new, so less crowded.

Didn't get to eat at Hard Rock during my last year's trip.  If I have more stomachs I would like to try a few restaurants in King's Road and Hard Rock as well.  But since I am not a cow, could only chose Hard Rock.
This is an "unglam" pic of Hard Rock with messy cables.  Since this aren't photography contest, it's good to picture the real scene instead of cropping stuffs away.

Hard Rock Cafe (Angkor)
King's Road Angkor, Street 7 Makara, Old Market Bridge, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Groupie Grind USD7.00
Mango puree + Pina Colada mix + Pineapple + Strawberry (as cut and paste from the menu)

It's a big fat beef burger here.  Couldn't remember the exact price, it's between USD13 - 15.  If not the cheapest but one of the cheapest compared to Hard Rock of other regions.
Beef patty + caramelize onions + wild rockets + tomato slices + bacon strips + fries + some creamy sauce or something.

Though alone, I didn't feel lonely, I enjoyed watching the traffic, daze a bit at times, slurping and munching like a Slowpoke.

The attentive and friendly serving crews speaks good English.  Service was very warm, they helped me to chose the beverage, made small talks, came to ask if the food was ok etc.  I was quite impressed and pleased.  So this is another MUST COME BACK in Siem Reap....

Cute baby stuffs at the merchandise store, didn't buy anything cos' I bought enough last year.

Went to Siem Reap River Market aka supermarket to buy some mineral water before heading back to the hotel.

Night was still young, so I headed out again after putting down my 1 litre mineral water - Siem Reap Night Market.
You see, my hotel has got the best location, 1 min walk to Pub Street and Supermarket, 5 mins walk to King's Road and this Night Market.

I followed the loud blasting music and found a massage parlor with a stage of sexy dancers lolxx....

New stunt to attract customers - Massage with free entertainment!  It's really a funny concept though lolxx..

Went back to the hotel, I wrapped up pressie for my niece who would be arriving the next day.
The pom pom strings and wrappers all from Daiso.

This nite I slept like Gloom.

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