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Friday, 7 December 2012

Kelong near Pulau Ubin

2 days before we went left for our Ho Chi Minh trip we visited a kelong near Pulau Ubin to celebrate my kid sis's birthday.

Self-takes on the way.
It's less than 15mins car ride from my home at Tampines to Changi Point  Ferry Terminal.

It was raining, but wouldn't let the weather spoil our family gathering.

Cat all curled up, must be feeling chilly.


Our private chartered boat had arrived.
S$70 round trip to the kelong.

Boat leaving further and further away from the jetty.

Luis looked very stressed and nervous, wonder why....

It was windy, hair was messy, heehee....

Reaching the kelong.

Pic of our bum boat before it drove off.
It can fetch up to 12pax.

Exploring around the kelong.

This is a pic of VIPs in my life.
My happiness, my achievements, every matter, big or small revolve them.

Baby Karsten and Dad.
Baby was wearing a life jacket.

We were away from the bizz and buzz of city.

Flower crabs!

Bro-in-law "tossed" Baby Karsten to his mother.
Enjoying a moment of peace.

 Baby Karsten was very curious, kept running about.
 Although he was wearing a life jacket, didn't want to risk him dropping into the water ;P

Swing made out of plywood fastened with polypropylene ropes.

Live prawns playing dead.


Table setting in kelong style.

Black pepper flower crabs.  Never know flower crabs could be so sweet and tasty!

Prawn/meat fritters.

Steam groupa.

Fried sotong rings.

Cereal prawns.

A spread of kelong seafood + herbal chicken soup + stired fried green veg (can't find photo sia >.<)
As you can see, these were simple home-cooked food.
No fanciful garnishes, no posh cutleries, just fresh goodness.

It was a very homely and comfortable feel.  We opened their fridge and helped ourselves with cold drinks, went to their rice cooker for extra rice.......as if we were at a friend's place.

If you are interested, may contact and liaise with Mr Tan at HP/8356 9547 about 3 to 4 days in advance.


  1. Hi! Could you give me more info on kelong, and is this an overnight trip??
    Btw you took great pics. I like your post.

  2. Hi Jessie,
    We did not stay over, I don't think they have the facilities. We went there for seafood dinner only. I don't have any further information other then the mobile contact of the kelong owner. Thank you for you kind support ^^

  3. how much does the dinner cost ?

    1. Hi Steven,
      So sorry, I can't remember already, do contact the kelong owner to check it out, thank you!

  4. Hi! Your pics made me salivate! May I ask if the kelong rocks/moves with the waves? Or is it rather stable? I have motion sickness but would love to try eating at a kelong! Karen.

    1. Hi Karen,
      Yes, it rocks slightly which I totally forgotten while eating :P~~ But it was more "bumpy" when a ship sailed pass.