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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant at UE Square

It started to rain heavily after I stepped out of the house.
I was freezing to death wearing this -
Mustard chiffon dress - BKK
Mustard spring hair clip - Hunan, China
Cream ribbon belt - 淘宝

Aunties' gathering became extra-ordinary with a male.  He is an old pal who travels frequently, as such, all of us were so happy to have this thorn among the roses ^.^

Shin Minori offers a-la-carte buffet, different concept from Kiseki Japanese Restaurant and Chiso ZanMai.

We gotten a table by the window, hallucinating snow outside when it was actually raining >.<

Their board menu has several dishes but became a chore when comes to ordering.....  Their ordering slips are separated into different categories, sushi, ramen, teppanyaki etc.....

Meaning if you want ramen, you have to get the correct colored slip to order.  If you want sushi, you have to search for another colored slip to place the order.  It was really a hassle just to look for the correct colored slip.

 As age was catching up, almost everybody, including me, had to squint our eyes under the dim light to look at the menu and order the dishes.  This restaurant is certainly not too "elderly friendly" lolxxx....  We were really busy despite that dishes were brought to our tables.

A small pot of green tea to be shared among the 6 of us.
Thus the waiter kept walking up and down to refill.
He could had end his "agony"  by simply providing another tea-pot.

Pumpkin chawanmushi.
It's actually chawanmushi with pumpkin sauce.
Something new to me, thumbs up for the sweet taste too.
It's half a cup only.

Cream of crab bean paste soup.
Warm and creamy, comforting on a rainy day, although it's half a bowl per serving.

Pork chop with bread crumbs with texture just nice.

Sorry for the poor quality pic, the restaurant was dim and I forgotten to bring my camera with me.
Got to pardon the performance of my iphone >.<
Personally, I quite liked the tempura, the batter has got a mild sweetness.
Unlike others I had eaten, was just tasteless crispy flour.

Nothing to rant or rave for the below dishes -

Assorted sashimi with neat presentation, but that's about all.
I wouldn't say it's not fresh but neither did it meet my expectation.
As such, my impression with the restaurant was dampened.


 Cold tofu

Grilled Mackerel

Cucumber with soya bean paste

Grilled pork with garlic seasoning

 Teriyaki Chicken

Now, the disappointing dishes -
 Asparagus bacon, ridiculously and miserably small, 太小气了!
Like size of tampon sia :X
I purposely placed my thumb near it for comparison.
A few days later, I went to satisfy my cravings at Tori Q Rice.

Hand rolls of seaweed was soft and limp.
The display was unappetising, even hand rolls at any supermarket has a better presentation than these.

Kimchi with pork, salt over-dosed.

Nevertheless, I had enjoyed the dinner,  it has got nothing to do with the food;
it was the company of my dear friends.

That's the end of the food review and below are the necessary information:

Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant
81 Clemenceau Avenue
#03-15/16 UE Square (Shopping Mall)
Singapore 239917
Tel: 6733 2272

Lunch (Mon to Sun) 11.30am to 2.30pm
Adult S$32++
Child S$22++

Dinner (Sun to Thurs) 6pm to 10.30pm
Adult S$36++
Child S$24++

Dinner (Fri, Sat, Eve of Public Holidays)
Adult S$39++
Child S$27++

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