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Friday, 20 November 2015

Andong Zzimbak Korean Restaurant

Date: 11.11.2015

The first time I had Andong Jjimdak was donkey five years ago during the winter in Seoul.
It was a big pot of chicken stew in korean soya sauce with various vegetables.  It was heavenly with rice, and more rice.

Korean restaurants are sprouting like bean sprouts in Singapore.  We have Korean fried chicken, ginseng chicken, BBQ, desserts etc... but no sight of Andong Jjimdak  :((

谢天谢地  Andong Zzimdak arrived in Raffles City and filled up this big missing piece of Korean cuisine for us.

Andong Jjimdak is served spicy in some regions of Korea, and mostly non-spicy in Myeong-dong.  I would say, Andong Jjimdak in Korea is comparable to our Curry Fish Head in Singapore, the taste varies at different restaurants without changing the main ingredients.  Thus it's difficult to claim which taste is "authentic".

Andong Zzimbak serves both spicy and non-spicy version of korean chicken stew to suit your taste buds.

As usual, bloggers had to "feed" cameras first.

Mayak Jjimdak 魔辣炖鸡
(Medium 2-3pax S$47.90, Large 3-4pax S$57.90)
Spicy level was comfortable to me, thick spicy and sweet gravy was fully absorbed into the chewy sweet potato noodles hidden beneath.  Tender chicken pieces with carrots, cucumber, potatoes and leek made up a bountiful plate.

Boneless Jjimdak 无骨炖鸡
(Medium 2-3pax S$49.90, Large 3-4pax S$59.90)
Despite of being a chilli lover, personally and somehow I prefer this non-spicy savory stew chicken and I wanna lick the last drop of gravy from the plate sia!  The taste was homely and "down to earth", nothing complicated and I love it to the core.  Ingredients were same as Mayak Jjimdak with extra load of mushrooms and onions.  This boneless version is specially good for families with children or elders.  Of course it is absolutely perfect for hungry being who needed to eat in "gan jiong" style lolxx....

Though recommended for 2-3pax for medium portion of both stew chicken, it's sufficient for more pax if you are ordering the below side dishes:
Spicy Dokboki (Spicy Rice Cake) S$9.90
To begin with, I don't really like rice cakes, but this is an exception!!  The sauce was ridiculously delicious!  It's not just spicy tomato sauce, the sauce with made with secret recipe broth.  This is one of the best carbo ever!

Chicken Karaage S$9.90
Crispy on the outside, juicy inside, and most importantly, not greasy.

Mini Seafood Pancake S$9.90
Look like fish cakes but less chewy and soft, the texture was unique and yummy, I don't mind to have the whole plate for myself :P~~

Diners also get to enjoy free flow of  kimchi (very spicy) and pickles (forgotten to take pictures >.<).

Iced Citron Tea S$3.50
We all had this wonderful thirst quencher with addictive bitterness from the yuzi skin.

I need to bring my family here, my boys will love Andong Zzimbak <3

Andong Zzimbak
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
Tel: 6533 3951
Daily opening hours: 11.30am - 10.00pm

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