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Friday, 26 August 2016

Little Vietnam Restaurant and Cafe

Date of visit: Jan & May

We got to know this place by driving pass it numerous times.  Each time I just managed to catch a glimpse of the crowd and I thought it's a bar as it's dim.  I can't remember how, we finally found out that it's a Vietnamese Restaurant and we need to know what draws the crowd.

So, it's good and worth it, we made 2 visits.

No reservation was accepted, on both dinner occasions, we joined a short queue and were in after around 15mins. 
All service crews are Vietnamese, so are the cooks I presume.

So Huyet Hap (Steam Cockles) S$6.00
It's good though a bit plain.  They still have a few choices for cockles, will need to try their spicy stir fry version next time.

Cut Chien Bo (Roast Pigeons X4) S$15.00

It's mini chicken.  Meat was juicy and tender, the perfect brown skin was finger licking good.

Ca Kho (Claypot fish) S$6.50
If I am not wrong it's snake head fish (生鱼) with gooey gluey slippery skin which some may love and some will shunt.  Savory, thicker than soup but thinner than what braised should be.  Something special, price very reasonable.

Tom Nuong (Charcoal Grilled Prawns) S$16.00
MUST ORDER.  No regrets even if cholesterol hits the roof.  Big fat king prawns announced it's presence with strong aroma even before they reach the table.  Bite: FRESH!  SWEET!  太好吃了!

Rau Muong Xao (Stir Fried Kangkong) S$8.00
I know "adjustment" was made for Singaporeans.  In Vietnam (and Cambodia) they throw away the leaves keeping only stalks.  But over here, we love kangkong from top to bottom, so they stir fried them all for us, heehee....

Pho Tai Bo Vien (Beef soup) S$6.00
Slightly pepperish broth with basil leaves and raw bean sprouts to go with beef balls and slices.

Com Chien (Fried Rice) S$6.50
Looked and tasted home cook, a bit oily, but still yummy.

Rau Cau (Vanilla Pudding with coffee) S$2.50
Vanilla pudding.  And the brown sauce?  It's coffee!  You thought it's caramel right?  lolxx...

It's not easy to leave home to work in a foreign land.  I am thankful that they brought with them authentic Vietnam cuisine.  Cam On Nhieu Nhieu! (Thank you very much!)
Selfie with non la (leaf hat) while waiting for food ;P

Pocket friendly, good food, one of the best place to satisfy gluttons in the east I would say.
 But they do not have big tables, may not be easy if you have a group of more than 6pax.

Little Vietnam Restaurant and Cafe
511 Guillemard Road
#01-25 (Grandlink Square)
Singapore 399849

A side note, saw from their Facebook, they will be close for renovation from 5 to 25 Sep 2016.  So you either be quick, or wait to enjoy their new face lift!

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