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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Ten Courts of Hell 十殿阎罗

Today is 初一, first day of chinese Ghost Festival.....

"They" are out, how about us going in?

You are looking at the entrance of Ten Courts of Hell.

Comeon baby, let's go Hell visiting!

It's dark here and the air smells, weird...

When people pass away, their souls leaves the body, leaded by 2 guards: Cow Face 牛头 and Horse Face 马面, the souls face judgement in hell....

GOLD BRIDGE - for those who done good deeds, they cross this bridge which leads them to heaven to be deities.
SILVER BRIDGE - for those who had done good deeds most of the time with minor misconduct.  I probably will fall into this category (I think and I hope so) lolxx...... I curse and swear quite a bit and I had bullied my family members, upset my mother when I was younger, other than that I am generally harmless to other man kind and other living things, what the hell....

So hell stay is very brief for those who lead a right life.

COURT 1 - The first court of hell sits King QingGuang 秦广王, who judges the person and decide which hell to send a person ghost to, eeeeeew.....

Evil doers will be sent to repent before the "Mirror of Retribution" 孽镜台 before sending to susbsequent Courts of Hell to be punished...

COURT 2 - Rule by King ChuJiang 楚江王

Volcanic pit punishment - for scammers, robbers and people who inflict physical harm to others.  Telephone DHL scammers arh, this may be your hell after death, lolxx....

Cold Ice Pond punishment - Stealing, gambling and corruption will be freezed here.  Not just freeze, but freeze and unfreeze and repeat, duration depends on how much you gained from the above, heeheehee.....   Kinda of make me happy, cos' a lot of us know who are the famous "corruptors" alive.

Blood Pool punishment - drowned again and again in blood, gross enough.... for prostitutes... oh gosh >.<

COURT 3 - Taken care by King SongDi 宋帝王

Cut Out Heart punishment - for heartless people who are ungrateful and disrespectful to elders.  Apparently, it's for people who successfully escape from prison too, hmmmm....
Grill On Hot Pillar punishment - drug traffickers and addicts, also for people who create social unrest ie. for those terrorists!

WANG SI TOWN 枉死城 - Accommodates those who were wronged and driven to death.  They would be asked to view how their enemies receive retribution.

COURT 4 - Managed by King WuGuan 五官王
Stone Mallet punishment - tax dodger and business fraud
Stone Grounder punishment - disobedience to one's siblings and lack of filial piety
So horrible the punishment >.<

Court 5 - King YanLou 阎罗王
The most well known hell king of all.  I always thought he is the President of the entire hell, so now I know he only takes care one court only, waahaahaa....
Mountain Of Knifes punishment - doom for loan sharks and people who kill for other's money/possessions.  They are thrown onto the knifes..... ouch big time.

Court 6 - King PiCheng爿城王
Chop Into Two punishment - for wasting food, misuse of books, posses pornographic, breaking laws, phew...

Court 7 - King TaiShan (direct translation is actually Tarzan!) 泰山王

Cut Of Tongue punishment - for liars, gossipers so that they have no more tongues to wag.

Oil Fry punishment - for rapists and those who cause death upon people, deep fry them, oil fried ghosts 油炸鬼.

Court 8 - King DuShi (direct translate is City King, how swag lolxx...) 都市王
Pull Out Organs punishment - people who creates trouble for parents and family, cheat in exams also kena >.<
Body Dismembered punishment - for those who harm others to benefit themselves, oh yeah.

Court 9 - Handle by King PingDeng 平等王
Chop off Head and Limbs punishment - robbery, murder, rape and some other evil dos that I may missed out.

Court 10 - King ZhuanLun 转轮王 call shots.
Whether reborn as human or other animals will be determined in this court.

After which all will have to stop by Meng-Po Pavilion 孟婆亭 for a Meng-Po Soup 孟婆汤 to erase all memories of past live.  And there are thousand and one stories of people who claimed that they secretly poured away the soup and remembered who they were in their previous life.

The above may be fiction to some and non-fiction to others.  To each's own, but please be grateful that you are human this life time.   Be kind, be filial, be socially responsible, not because you are afraid to go to hell but sincerely from your soul.

Ten Courts of Hell 十殿阎罗 is located in Haw Par Villa
262 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118628
Opens Daily 9am - 6pm
Admission is free but carpark per entry is S$5.00.
Haw Par Villa MRT Station is a stone throw away.

Wishing everybody well and best of luck!

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