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Sunday, 7 August 2016

The forgotten Haw Par Villa

Date of visit: 25-06-2016

There's this place slowly forgotten by Singaporeans, ya, as per title Haw Par Villa.  I think among 90后 friends, none been here before.  As in, people know this place exist, but just don't visit.  The attraction is somehow not there.

Then I saw on TV, Lockdown host a game at Haw Par Villa and reminded me of this place.  My last visit was..... at least 30 years ago?  Urrgg.... I am that old sia T__T  So yup, le hubby and my kid sis made a visit, trying to recap childhood memories which are fading.

Admission is free but parking per entry is S$5.00.  Another way to get here is by MRT, Haw Par Villa station is just a stone throw away.

We entered through this main gate and we entered into a time machine.....
We were back to 1970s!

When I was just a little girl, 1976 or 1977 ba...

The thai dancer looked the same, but I shoot up just a little and expanded a big deal lolxx.. 

Here's a candid pose, heehee... and yes the sun was right above us.

The paints of most sculptures are well maintain.  All very colorful, art work exactly like those cinema posters in 1970s, just that these are in 3D lolxx..

With the Sumos, my mom with her friend I suppose.  This pic was taken before I was born, I am sure. 

The Sumos after more than 45 years. 

Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea (八仙过海)。

How many immortals have you spotted? 

Awkward looking tigers with blunt teeth.

A bit of RA lolxx...

My father carrying me.

Now he is on wheelchair most of the time and he can't be here... 

When I was a baby...

I was so small then...

I thought I took pics with the tiger, only to realize that it was leopard.  But anyway, the leopard and tiger are besides each other with the same size.
I can't believe that I am as big as the tiger, cos' in my memory it's really huge.

So here's le hubby, looking really cool with the leopard.

The Memorial of the founders Aw Boon Haw (left) and Aw Boon Par (right).  From the names it's not difficult to know that they are brothers.

Exploring farther is "Journey to the West" 西游记.

Here are the demons wearing only underwear trying to seduce the Monk in Spider Cave 盘丝洞。

Found another sexy one in the cave, wearing a modern bra (surprisingly lolxx...)

Hubby pointed this to me and said he found my relative -_____-

Now here's the R-rated section which I didn't know it exist, no memory at all...
TOPLESS lady in a clam!

More topless mermaids!  *Shakes head*, I understand why my parents never take photos of these lolxx...

Crab is cuter.

Oscar Award of the day goes to me.

Le hubby drinking with the ancient heros.

Deities in heaven.

Ape who wanted my hat.

Pano view of a row with many sections, each section tells a tale.

If you think the mermaids are gross, the carp fish male with moustache and "sexy" legs wins them all, oh gosh, why... lolxx...

Yellow kiwi is more expensive than the green.

Some big birds, ostrich or emu it's up to you, no need to argue.  But we did argue, lolxx...

We trying to pose that kind of 男女主角 MV shot but CMI, haahaahaa....

Statue of Liberty with oriental backrope, only in Haw Par Villa.

We love Tiger Balm!

Vintage Car.

And they block it with don't know what display -____-|||

Why breast feed old woman instead of baby???  I have no idea what's this about.

Highlight of  Haw Par Villa is Ten Courts of  Hell.  Pretty scary when I visited as a child.
Click HERE for a tour.

There are touch-ups and repainting done but from what I observed, no upgrades and it's very much the same as it was when I was a child.  Some new elements need to be inject into this park to attract more visitors, not sure if our tourist board is working on it.
Anyway, we had great fun though I was a shade darker.

Haw Par Villa
262 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118628
Opens Daily 9am - 6pm

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