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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bornga Korean BBQ Restaurant at City Square (JB)

Date: 27.09.2014

Took me so long to get this posted, heehee....

This is another nom nom post, this time across the borders to Johor Bahru.

We did not wander else where, just stay in City Square Shopping Mall which is just besides the custom.

This Bornga Korean BBQ Korean Restaurant was introduced by hubby's colleague who had been here a few times.  I will murder her if it's not up to expectation.  But hey, not bad!  Which is why I still post it although it's a bit overdue >.<

Arrived around 11.30am, it was rather quiet, the crowd started coming in after 12pm.
Each table is equipped with an exhaust which keeps the restaurant smoke free.

Table setting with a paper place mat with some useful information on Korean BBQ.

Yes, stuff it all into the mouth at one go if you want good fortune, no need to be glam/dainty, nom nom nom.....

A long tray of fresh lettuce and other veg was served before our orders of BBQ meat came.

Charcoal grill, LOVE IT!

Woo Samgyup RM42.00 (pork belly)

We needn't lift a finger, just sit back while the serving staff did the grilling for us.

See and listen to the sizzling...

While waiting, we nibbled on the side dishes which occupied the entire table.

The side dishes were so refreshing and we felt less guilty heehee...

The metal grill plate was replaced by a clean one before they start to grill another serving; I appreciate this so much!

Mansinchang RM30 (pork belly)

As I had mentioned, a clean grilling plate was changed, so that we could enjoy the meat and not with any charred bits.

The slices were thick but meat was surprisingly tender.

Yangyum Dwaejigalbi RM33 (beef ribs)

Meat was very well seasoned without masking away it's natural taste.  The BBQ fragrance really knocked us down.  Meat was slightly charred on the outside, yet juicy at each bite.  This is what makes Korean BBQ so irresistible.

Galbitang RM30 (beef soup)
Generous loads of beef chunks, would be perfect if meat were more tender.

The soup was flavorful and really tasty.  Most importantly, not oily!
So good that not a drop was to be wasted, slurp...

Towards the end of the meal, we were served this tea which I doesn't know what it is.
Tasted like ribbena with upgraded sourness lolxx...

The 4 of us also ordered rice which wasn't reflected on the bill and 2 soft drinks at RM3 each.
The bill total came to be RM156.20 with 10% service charge.  I would say it's quite worth it for the quality of food, ambience and good service.

Very pleasant experience, we left the restaurant without any BBQ fumes on us.  We weren't entirely full as we were saving some stomach space to try other food.

It was only recently that I found out they have branches in Singapore too.  Haven't visit the local ones.  Can any kind soul comment and tell me the difference between this and the ones here?

City Square have lots of restaurants which looks very promising and tempting.  Bornga Korean BBQ is one of them, do check it out.

Bornga Korean BBQ Restaurant
106-108 Jalan Wong Ah Fook
MF-23 Level 3
City Square Shopping Mall
Johor Bahru


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    1. Ya, I bo ta chei one, sorri to disappoint you Anonymous.