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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Horizon Bistronomy at The Punggol Settlement


Quite some time ago I posted a Complete Guide to the North Eastern Riverine Loop at Punggol.

It's quite happening at Punggol Promenade. There are chalets, horsing ridding, fishing, strolling of doggies, jogging, cycling, nice sea view for pak tor (dating) etc..
Click HERE to read more about this nice rustic part of Punggol.

With all these activities going on at Punggol Promenade, people need food to keep going!  So, The Punggol Settlement is developed!
Image credit www.facebook.com/ThePunggolSettlement
Nice helicopter view and now let's get back onto the ground...
As you can see The Punggol Settlement is a long stretch of 2 storey high building.  It's filled with food restaurants.  There's also a mini Giant Supermarket, a 7-eleven and a bicycle rental shop.

Within The Punggol Settlement, there's a very special restaurant....
Horizon Bistronomy
Horizon Bistronomy offers fine quality French cuisine without burning your pockets.

Cozy at the inside....

Breezy and pretty romantic at the outdoor.
This is a random shot which happens to catch this lady, who's totally 陶醉 (revel) in the ambience, heehee....

Awesome sea view backdrope.  It's as if we are on a overseas vacation lolxx...
Auntie Susan and Uncle Peter are still very much in love, with food.  Okay, with each other as well.

Enough of lovey dovey, food pics rolling in now!

Starters first
Chilled Crab Meat on Angel's Hair S$11.90
Exquisite truffle angel hair topped with juicy jumbo crab meat and salmon roe which explodes with sweetness in my mouth.

Assorted Tomatoes Salad (vegetarian) S$12.90
Tomatoes from 3 regions are used - Local, Japan and USA, all tossed with special made pesto.  Those cute little white balls are fresh burrata cheese.  They are chewy and light in taste which compliments the refreshing tomatoes.

Horizon Pork 2 Way S$25.00
2 way means you get to savor meat prepare in 2 methods -
* Pork belly braised for 25 hours, thus melt in your mouth with rich flavors
* Kurobuta Pork Tenderloin, grilled to perfect texture.
Meat is serve with this very unique Cauliflower Puree.  I don't even like cauliflower to begin with, but I was completely sold at the first spoon in my mouth.  Almost wanted to request for more, heehee...  It's like whipped potato, but much more tastier!  The black Grape Mustard is spicy with a tinge of sweet, it's as addictive as our sambal chilli.  Some black pepper sauce is poured over, personally I would omit it.  Everything on the plate is excellent on it's own.  MUST ORDER!

King of the Sea S$22
Miso infused torched King Prawn and King Salmon.  Value for money!

Founder of Horizon Bistronomy, cheerful, young and handsome Chef Chris Fong.
He's preparing us desserts!

Citrus White Chocolate Mousse S$12.00
Beautiful presented on a black slate is a sweet citrus combination of Valhona white chocolate mousse, lemon curd and orange creme on crunchy short crust.  The coarse powder at the side which I mistaken as crushed peanut is white chocolate.  It's gives the mousse a more interesting taste when eaten together with.

Fig and Bacon Sabayon S$9.80
How can bacon be part of dessert?  YES, it can fuse in with harmony cos the bacon is candied with sweetness, very similar to our chinese bak kwa but more crispy.  Together with berries and fig compote, Champagne Sabayon is poured over vanilla ice-cream.  Champagne Sabayon has really given this dessert an extravagant touch with alluring bitter taste.   Perfect and delighting for adults, but not so for children, understandably.

I was so drunk with satisfaction and happiness after completing the menu.  But Horizon Bistronomy's kitchen was still busy......, with potted plants???
They seemed to be preparing some potted plants for us to bring home as souvenirs.
哎哟,太客气了啦 ,heehee.... I was humming 费玉清's song "送你一把泥土"....

You all go Youtube to search for the whole song if interest, hur hur...

Shortly, lovely pots of plants were brought to our tables.  The surprise came when they announced "Here's our surprise dessert for you all!"
Serious?!?  DESSERTS!!!??  You want us to eat soil??  I look again, hey hey, it's not soil, it's chocolate!

How CUTE!!

Garden By The Bay S$14.00
Innovative and absolutely cute creation!  Beneath dark chocolate soil is apple compote infused with cranberry followed by a generous layer of vanilla mousse with cubes of fresh strawberries and kiwis.

Totally yummy, so worth the calories....

Away from the biz and buss of commercialized malls, Horizon Bistronomy is a nice place to chill and relax without distractions from mobile phones (being very near to Johor, local network may be interrupted).

So, Singapore maybe small, but there's plenty of places to explore, just keep an eye on this bloggie, more lobangs coming ahead!

Gonna end this post with a group pic of my table mates and Chefs ^.^

From the left:  Hubby Peter, me, Malcolm, Chef Louis, Chef Chris Fong, Tiffany, Vivian and Pris.

Horizon Bistronomy
3 Punggol Point Road
The Punggol Settlement #02-04
Singapore 828694
Tel: 6702 2855

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