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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Closure of Tampines Mountain Biking Trail

Date: 02.11.2014

This place is just a stone throw away from my house (Tampines Ave 9).  Never visit cos' I had all sorts of wild imagination running in my mind......Are there any wild animals?  Snakes?  Illegal immigrants?  Haunted?  Possible right?  All these years, what and where this path leads to was a mystery to me.
Tampines Park Connector refers to path towards the garden which can be clearly seen from the road.  But there's no sign board indicating what's inside the red circle that I marked.

Recently, we often seen some cyclists going in, so I guess it's safe enough to walk in to find out what's in there.

It was only when I was drafting this post, I realized that I nearly miss this place.

It's already closed on mid Dec 2014.
Image from www.facebook.com/TrailRunningSingapore
 I should had post this earlier :((
I found out from http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/end-road-tampines-bike-park

The following photos that you will be seeing are scenery that is no longer available for the public.  Soon, this piece of green will be demolished and replace by concretes.

I am glad that at least, I visited once, with photos for remembrance.
Through this blog, walk with me...
Walking a few meters into the path, saw this A4 size sign board which was going to be covered by bushes in time to go come.

I figure out it's probably NP Bike Trail.

Hubby and I walked at the sides of all paths, giving way to bikes which may be too fast to spot us.

Some pretty flowers were seen along the way.

Not sure of what's across the fence.

Walking farther, what's in front of us were 2 paths.  How to decide which way to walk?
In life, there are so many times we have to chose the unknown....  sometimes it's difficult to be brave when face with uncertainty.  But we have to take the first step, else we will never know what's ahead. The path ahead may be tough, may be easy, that have to depends on fate liao.....

The beauty that's being abandon and forgotten....

Can you believe this is Tampines?

Farther down, a map, at last.
It's so worn off, obviously unkept, at that time I didn't know why...

Totally exposed to the sun, no where to hide, my poor skin T__T

 到此一游 pic
I was, here.

We finally saw human, some bikers were doing bunny jumps on their mountain bikes.  I should had taken some photos of them, but I didn't, urrgggg.....

Besides the hilly bike trail was a small plot of papaya trees.

One very friendly biker came over to say hi and told us to help ourselves with the papaya.  We were too pai seh to pluck for free.... that kind of 犯罪感 (sinful feel) you know... lolxx....

We felt a bit insecure without sign boards for directions.  I only brought a small bottle of water to share and it's finishing.....
At this point we were prepared to make a u-turn to walk back if we still can't find the way out.

Just as we were feeling a bit gan jiong to get out, we found this plot of paradise...
The trees at the two sides of this wide mud path bends inwards, forming a arch.

I stood, awed.

 Admire this beautiful artwork of nature.

Then I started to jump and squeak in joy, feeling damn proud of my "discovery".
Really saddens me to know that this is going to be gone, sigh..........

Walked farther down, the arch started to look less define...

These were created and left by the mountain bikers.
They would ride over in top speed and they would leap up high and jumped like a bunny.

Spotted self-build tent by regular bikers here, I guess.

Another tent, and this looked horrible :X
It reminds me of those drama scenes where kidnappers hide their hostages in the forest with this kind of tents lolxx....

DIY hump with ply woods.

一片荒芜, with our familiar HDB flats far far away.....

We saw one plant with red leaves among a vast of greens and browns...

Pebble path was a hint that we were near the exit/entrance.

Soon, we were at where we came.  It was a loop that we had walked, which took about 1.5hrs.  Relatively short compared to other walks we had, but we were worn off by the heat.

All these that you had seen will be history, replaced by HDB flats..... and....

I really don't know how to feel about it......

But for sure, this is a very memorable post for me, though relatively a very "cold" topic when the other bloggers are busy blogging about cat-fights taking it as the best opportunity to attract as much attention as possible.

I love attention too, but not in this manner, heeheehee...


  1. I enjoy nature walk and exploring places too! :)

  2. Happened to come across this as I was googling other stuff. Been there once, and agree that it really does not feel like being in Tampines. A pity they have to remove it due to the construction of new homes. Thanks for this post! :)