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Friday, 9 January 2015

Chinese New Year feast at Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe


While most people feels more "secured" with food chains in shopping malls, I find it more satisfying to discover hidden gems.  Very often all these little eateries are full of tasty surprises with very reasonable price.

I hope through this blog, more people will get to know these places...... one of which I am going to share with you guys is 
Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe at Aljunied.

I had visited Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe a couple of times for their mookata, you may read about it HERE.  Their mookata is pretty good, so we ordered it each time we visit, thus no more stomach space to try other dishes >.<   This time, we came here specially to try thai dishes.

This little Thai Cafe is the size of a coffee shop.
Plenty of tables at the outdoor with electric fans mounted on wall pillars.

A mini green landscape can be viewed from the outdoor dining area.

Bath tub is transformed into a fish tank by the owner of Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe lolxx...

Indoor with air condition but number of tables are limited.

When table was covered with thai dishes, the fragrance started to invade our senses, omg.... so overwhelming that we didn't know where to start.....

Dill Pattie (Omelette with Cha Om) S$8.00
A little more about Cha Om, it's a plant with thorns, thais loves to added them into fried eggs for mild fragrance, just like the way chinese loves adding tomatoes into eggs.

White Pepper Clams with Bee Hoon S$18.00
The clams are more than bee hoon!  Never know white pepper can perform such magic, it's freaking DELICIOUS!  The white pepper did not make us sneeze, it made us digging into it non-stop.  Bee Hoon has complete absorbed the pepperish broth, clam meat are sweet with freshness!  If you love clams, this is a MUST ORDER!

Prawn Cakes S$2.00/pc
Crispy on the outside, filled with solid prawn flavors inside.

Steamed Red Snapper with chilli and garlic sauce (seasonal price)
Nice and simple with a home-cooked taste, putting the chopped chilli aside, this dish is not spicy.

BBQ Chicken Wings S$6 (4pcs)/S$9 (6pcs)
Ordinary BBQ wings, but very yummy with their in house chilli sauces.

There are 4-types of sauces with different level of spiciness, you will find your favorite ^.^

Water-fry Egg with Thai Style Crispy Sun-dried Fish S$12
2 dishes are put together in a plate, both tasted good on it's own.  Water-fry egg is non-oily for those who are health conscious, sun-dried fish was fried till crispy and is presented like a flower.

Thai Walking Cat Fish in Spicy Lemon Soup S$28.00
This blackie looks suspicious here, but it's absolutely a surprisingly good dish!
This foot long cat fish is served over charcoal plate with bubbling spicy lemon soup.  A big bowl of soup comes with it for easy refill.  The fish skin is thicker compared to other fish, full of collagen, the jelly like texture slides down your mouth in a juicy way, it's either you hate it, or love it like crazy!  I LOVE IT!!!  Meat was tender, spicy lemon soup really makes your nose run, but super addictive.  Super value for money, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Grilled Pork Neck S$10.00
Tasted very much like chinese char siew.  Slight charred with sweet sauce on the outside, juiciness of meat is well conserved, waiting to be explode with each bite.  This is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Basil Mussels S$15.00
Mussels tasted exotic with basil leaves, I find it special but one may find the taste too strong.

Deep Fried Kang Kong with Special Thai Sauce S$10.00
Kang Kong is always stir fried either with chilli or garlic,  Never know it can be deep fried!  It's serve with a special spicy dip sauce with minced meat and ground peanuts, MUST TRY!

Thai desserts are essential, it's a must, it's a need, yums..............

Lemongrass Jelly with Aloe Vera Cubes & Calamansi S$2.50

Sticky rice with Mango S$6.00

Tapioca in Coconut Milk S$3.50

Thai Red Ruby S$3.50

Chinese New Year is around the corner, how about celebrating it with a Thai twist!

Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe is open everyday during Chinese New Year period.

Tables are limited, act fast, call now!


115 Aljunied Avenue 2 #01-35
Singapore 380115
Tel: 6747 8558

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