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Friday, 23 January 2015

Berries and nuts at Garden Picks


Looking at the name GARDEN PICKS, I thought it was a florist, heeheehee.....

GARDEN PICKS is actually a "garden" of dried fruits and nuts.
S$10.00 for any 3 Standard Packs

I am that kind of person who's curious over new things.  I probably died numerous times if I am a cat lolxx... (cos' curiosity kills a cat).

So, the first packet I opened up was Black Chia Seeds.  They looked like black sesame seeds, with no odour.
While Chia Seeds doesn't look too impressive, they surprised me with it's nutrition values.

Benefits of Chia Seeds -
* Proteins
* Fiber
* Omega-3
* Calcium and Phosphorus
* Combat Diabetes
* Fight Belly Fats (everlasting concern of my life)

Chia Seeds can be easily added into almost any dishes.
I mixed a tablespoon into seasoned minced pork, shaped them into balls and deep fried them as I normally do for my kids.

Chia Seeds doesn't alter the taste and my kids finished everything.
It's the same old dish I had cooked, but it is a healthier version with Chia Seeds added.

Chia Seeds can be added in desserts too!

I put 2 tablespoon into pancake mix.

When the pancakes were done, I topped them with banana slices and poured honey over ^.^

Ta da!  Healthy tea break!

Happy with GARDEN PICKS' Chia Seeds, I opened up the other few packs and they are awesome for coming Chinese New Year!
Top left - Classic Nut & Berry Mix
Top right - Canadian Maple Cashews
Bottom - Salted Caramel Peanut

Salted Caramel Peanut
To begin with, I don't really eat peanuts, I ate because I need to get this blog review done.  And oh gosh, I fell  hopelessly in love with it!  Salted caramel coated on peanuts is highly addictive.   Sweet and saltiness was happily complimenting each other on my taste buds!  I was eating and eating while taking these photos, and when I was done, more than half packet was gone lolxx....

Classic Nut & Berry Mix
It's a nice mix of USA Walnut, USA Baked Almond, Roasted Peanuts, USA Cranberry and Green Raisins.

Canadian Maple Cashews
This is probably the best with beer!

Check out GARDEN PICKS Chinese New Year Special!
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