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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Made in China - 淘宝 TaoBao

Date of arrival: 08.10.2014

There are people who despise China products, but probably wearing or using them without even knowing.

I love China for it's history, it's breath-taking landscapes, it's talented people and for Taobao which is what this post is going to be.

Looked into TaoBao becos King Luis out grown his old Domo T-shirt.  He requested a new bigger size tee, his wish is always my command.

The thing is, it's not possible (to me) to just buy one item and click check out >.<

This web-site is the mother of temptation.

Shamelessly self-claim freaking expert in TaoBao shopping after quite a few purchases, heeheehee...
95% of my purchases are satisfactory.

Sharing with you guys these sellers.
You may click in to see what they sell and the following are my purchases from them
*  Used 65daigou as local agent as usual.  They had NEVER screw up my orders, their system auto converts my purchases to SGD, auto add up, hassle free for lazy me.

* Domestic freight = Internal courier charge from sellers at various location to 65daigou's Shanghai warehouse.  Agent fee, sea freight and home delivery (S$5), added up to be $39.85.

* As this post is back dated, I am not providing my merchandise's links, cos once the particular product is sold out, the link will be close.   Instead, I put in the suppliers links which you many browse all other items that they are selling.  Just click onto the seller's name for the link.

Domestic freight - NIL
The above are all the items I bought from this supplier.  The black bobby pins on pink cardboard is a freebie ^.^  My orders were delivered to Shanghai warehouse in just 2 days after order.  Thunder speed really.

Hair band with fake hair  - RMB1.80 (S$0.38)
Bought both natural black and dark brown.

Coil hair band - RMB0.50 (S$0.50)

Black bands with assorted metal decor - RMB0.10 (S$0.03)
Laugh until teeth drop cheap.  The elasticity is quite good, those little gold decors are cute but the gold peels off after 2 weeks or so.  I place them at every corner of the house, damn useful.  
Next time going to buy more to distribute to my girlfriends!

Eye ball ribbons - RMB4.50 (S$0.95)
Definitely cheaper than Singapore.

I wore them at Run For Your Lives.

Domestic freight - RMB5

Linen tops - RMB59 (S$12.40) each
I bought white and red, cos the cutting is very flattering on a not so flattering body shape.
Both are creased up from the package.  The white color one is so translucent that you can see my pink sports bra very clearly -___-|||  The hue of red is very festive.

Screen shot from the supplier the details - slightly puff up sleeves and sheen fabric at the hems.

I wore the white top with a green midi skirt (from TaoBao also).
Very unlike me right?  Act demure lolxx..

Wore the red to Christmas food tasting at Coffee Bean.  I tone it down with khaki color skorts (from TaoBao too).

I see myself wearing these tops very often, cos very easy to match, comfortable in aircon and not too warm at outdoors.

The seller threw in freebies - 2 necklaces with can be converted to bracelets and....

..... 2 white bra tubes.

Domestic freight - RMB5

Skorts - RMB34 (S$7.16)
There was a draw string in front but I cut it away.  It fits perfectly and the material is awesome.  As worn with the red top on the earlier pic.

Skirts - RMB55 (S$11.58)
Bought red and green for this design.  Material is the same as the khaki color skorts.  This type of material looks better after a few washes.
Wore this with the white top as above pic.

This is the back view of the midi skirt with decorative pockets.
Muted red, pretty, comfortable and low profile.

Domestic freight - RMB10

ReMi T-shirt RMB39 (S$8.21)
The shirt came with a bright orange zip lock with ReMi logo ie. original.

The material is thin and soft, so suitable for our climate.
Le hubby was modelling it holding ReMi Bunny plush toy.

Close up of the hot print cartoon.

Domestic freight - NIL

"Love Human Being" T-shirt RMB68 (S$14.32)

It's loud in a weird way, not sure what's in my son's mind when he ordered this.

I carelessly dump it into the washing machine and the purple color stained the yellow a little.  Luckily not too obvious, still can be worn.

Domesitc freight - RMB6

Domo T-shirt RMB48 (S$10.11)
Not exactly cheap, but the material did not disappoint.  Domo's eyes and mouth are hot print.

Domestic freight - NIL

Kids long pants RMB125 (S$26.27) each
Light blue for Darren and dark blue for King Luis.  Length is ok but too slim fit for King Luis.  So Darren wore them both and he's very happy.

For both, elastic waist bands are soft and comfortable.

Bought a longer length cos there's checked fabric at the end and fold ups looks nice.
Sort of allows fast growing kids to wear the trousers a little more longer.

Domestic freight - NIL

Darren's shoes RMB55 (S$11.58)
 Comes with 2 pairs of shoe laces, red on the pic and the other one is black.  The material is very soft and it's very light!

The sole is funky but a little too thin.  But can't complain for the price tag already.

Domestic freight - NIL

Rain boots RMB39 (S$8.21)
 Finally gotten a pair of rain boots!  Many colors available, chose maroon.

Anti-slip sole.

The sash given as shoe lace is pretty but a pain to tie up.
Gosh, my hand look so fair here, heehee....

  Despite of this rainy season, I haven't wear them out yet, just tried them on at home.
I stole Darren's black shoe lace and it's perfect!

I had topped up another S$1+ to get these wool inlays but they were too small -___-

Anyway, this is how the boots look when transformed into winter boots -

Domestic freight - NIL

Ipad4 case RMB16 (S$3.37)

Got many colors to chose from, so far so good although not atas.

Domestic freight - NIL

ReMi Bunny (小米兔) RMB49 (S$10.32)

ReMi Bunny is of course, ReMi(小米) handphone's offical character.  It comes in various sizes, I bought it at approx 27cm.

Left: ReMi 1S   Right: Mi Note

So cute, I can die... so I did something pervertic....

I stripped it.

Took off it's hat, open the jacket....

That cute button ball tail...

ReMi logo on it's sole to proof it's "identity".

 Not fully naked, I left the red scarf alone, heeheeehee.....

Sort of regret not getting a partner for it :(

Domestic freight - RMB10

Selfie stick remote RMB8.80 (S$1.87)
Domestic freight cost more than the product, lolxx... but still worth it.
Heard that selfie sticks are banned in Korea, true or not??

So much for this time's purchase.  Hope the sellers' links are useful to you.

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