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Monday, 19 October 2015

Feel the Confidence - V-Mina Feminine Hygiene


Women are beautiful, because we are created in a delicate way.

Being delicate also means we can be vulnerable and we need to know how to take care and protect ourselves.

Protection and care starts from our private V-area.  Feminine hygiene is rarely discussed and most women doesn't really know how to cleanse themselves properly.  Most women clean the vulva by simply wiping with tissue paper or by hand, which is not sufficient to maintain the cleaniness and hygiene.

This leads to virginal infections, some are mild and self heal bearing with a few days of itch and foul smell, while some serious infections can lead to fever and pain.  

Medication is required but I suppose nobody likes it.

While most women will spend lots of time and money on facial wash and all sorts of facial creams, how about our personal hygiene down there?

V-Mina Feminine Hygiene Products is probably one of the best V-area care set you can get!
V-Mina products includes:
* Cleansing Mousse
* Lightening Intimate Gel
* Deodorant Intimate Mist
* Cleansing Wipes

V-Mina is clinically tested and proven to improve micro-flora balance.  It benefits healthy ladies who appreciate delicate intimate care for their well-being, as well as ladies who are prone to infections despite having done regular cleansing.

Main Ingredients in V-Mina Feminine Products that helps to protect, maintain hygiene, making the intimate area soft, smooth and fair ^.^

Cleansing Mousse S$23.50
Normal body cleanser is also not suitable for daily cleaning of your delicate region, especially when thorough cleansing is required. The epidermis of  V-Area, which is the external vaginal area that reaches to the opening of the vagina, is even more delicate than the skin on your face. If you do not use body cleanser for your face, why would you use it for your V-Area?

 The cleansing mousse dispense out a soft ball like this.  It's non-soapy and I feel very pampered using it.

Lightening Intimate Gel S$15.50

This gel helps to lighten the skin tone around the V-area.  The gel is rather watery but absorbs very quickly into the skin without any sticky residue.

Deodorant Intimate Mist  S$13.50
A refreshing mist:
* Eliminates odor
*  Control the growth of pathogenic microorganisms
*  Maintain PH value and acidic level
Direction:  Shake well.  Spray external vaginal area holding bottle 15 to 20cm away from body.  Spray 2 to 3 times, pad dry area.

Cleansing Wipes S$10.00 (4 packs)

This is especially useful for that period of each month.

All the above products makes me smells like a baby with that baby talcum powder kind of scent.  And that makes me feels young and happy, heehee....

Be beautiful inside out, feel the confidence.

V-Mina Feminine Hygiene products are available at online:

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