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Monday, 12 October 2015

Sunrise Bistro & Bar

Was invited to this newly opened Sunrise Bistro & Bar at Big Splash for food tasting and it was totally worth it!
Outdoor seatings welcomes pets!  We saw a couple of diners chilling over some drinks with their adorable doggies.

Cozy lounge area.

Indoor dining area is spacious with aircon.

Helmed by 41 year-old Executive Chef & Owner Vincent Teng with 22-year culinary experience, Sunrise Bistro & Bar specialises in serving casual fusion dishes - French fare cooked with a contemporary twist and creativity peppered with Asian inspired flavours.

Scrolling down, you will be impressed by the fine food presentations and at the same time nodding and smiling at the affordable prices!

Since it's a bar, we started with some drinks...

 Lady In Pink S$20.00
Lovely cocktail seducingly mixed with coconut liqueur, vodka, cranberry juice, rose syrup and prosecco.

Tropical Thunder S$11.00
A refreshing mocktail perfect for summer with pineapple juice, orange juice, fresh lime, guava syrup, mint leaves, basil leaves and soda.

Seafood Chowder Soup S$12.00
Aren't chowders suppose to be in cream color??  Sunrise Bistro's Seafood Chowder is in orange!  Tomato is added to "open up" the diner's appetite, it's less thick than those conventional ones, but it's smooth and creamy with seasonal seafood.  Topped with chives and extra virgin oil, you may be tempted to lick the bowl clean ^.^

Luncheon Chips S$9.00
I bet you never know luncheon meat can be sliced to paper thin slices.  It's the familiar taste that we all know, but in crazy crispy-ness.  It's divine heaven to pair it with beer, seriously.  Be warned that this is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE even on it's own.

Truffle Fries S$8.00
Nothing much to rave about this, but if you are bringing children with you, this will keep them happy for sure.

Seared Foie Gras S$19.00
* this is food tasting portion, actual portion is bigger
This starter made me grinned from left to right.  Seared goose liver with brioche bread layered with mango slice.  Citrus jam and berry compote was a nice citrus side sauce but to me the foie gras was superb on it's own.  I am crazy over the buttery taste that burst in my mouth with one gentle bite.

Sunrise Fish & Chip S$26.00
Again, it's not the usual fish & chip.  Golden fried red snapper was deboned, served with lemon myrthe pepper, mango salsa, tartare sauce and some french fries.  While the fish was in perfect texture, the mango salsa was really good!  It was so good that I suggested them to omit the tartare sauce, just give a bigger bowl of mango salsa =P~~

Cereal Crusted Cod Fish S$28.00
Thick slice of cod fish is baked with cereal crust, accompanied with assorted vegetables braised with sesame oil.  The ginger shoyu broth gave the whole dish an oriental taste yet in a western presentation.  This totally won my taste buds together with my heart.  I was secretly hoping to have a big bowl of rice to go with this.... Chef if you are reading this, possible to have some rice as a side for this?  Heehee.....

I think all will agree that this is a very healthy dish to be recommended to the elders who may not be too use to western grills or dishes.

Asian Five Spice Duck Leg Confit S$28.00
This leg is sous vide for 8 hours with asian five spice.

In case you are wondering what's sous vide, it's a cooking method where food is sealed in airtight plastic bags, then immerse into warm water bath to cook it.  It's a very time consuming method but moisture and natural flavors are retained in this way.

The plate is completed with passion fruit sauce and citrus salad.

Marmite Canadian Pork Shoulder S$26.00
Another healthy sous vide dish, pork shoulder came with a glossy coat which was saliva inducing.  I sniffed hard to inhale the marmite, it's there!  But the taste of it was mild, was hoping for a stronger marmite taste in the tender meat.

BBQ Beef Short Ribs  S$32.00
This is the result of a 24 hours long sous vide plus a roast with special in-house BBQ sauce.

The meat is pink, but it's fully cooked.
 Well cooked beef tends to taste like soggy wood but this is really juicy and still beefy!

You probably realized that Chef Vincent Teng is a health conscious cook.  Very little oil is used in his sous vide creations, vegetables and lots of fruits are included for sides as well as decorations in a most eyes pleasing manner.

Let's move on to desserts...

Tiramisu Semi Freddo S$12.00
Semi frozen mascarpone cheese layered with coffee liqueur jelly sponge, topped with milo crunch and tuile biscuit.  The above were exciting but didn't beat the raisins which were soaked with brandy!  Another few more of it will make me drunk lolxx.....

Salted Egg Yolk Custard Molten Chocolate Cake S$14.00
When this came, I was really busy talking and eating, I was like, oh, lava cake with vanilla ice-cream lor.

But when cut up, it wasn't chocolate lava, maybe it's some custard lava.  To my surprise it's..... SALTED EGG LAVA!!!  流沙!!!
This is a naughty creation of western molten cake filled with asian salted egg lava.
3 words - I  LOVE  IT.

Pet friendly and pocket friendly, you will love this delicious Sunrise by the beach.

Sunrise Bistro & Bar
902 East Coast Parkway
Big Splash Block B #01-05
Tel: 6440 9090

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