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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Smile Makers Personal Premium Lubricants

Date of event: 22.09.2015

Smile Makers launched a new premium line of personal lubricants in September 2015.

The media launch event was held in Marina Mandarin Hotel.

I was invited as a manicurist and blogger.

Duo role, duo tasks, heehee...

Blended with shyness and curiosity, the event was filled with laughter.

"We see this category as part of beauty care, and want lubricant use to be as much a positive and pampering experience as using your favorite face cream," says Peder Wikstrom, Co-Founder of Ramblin' Brands.

The luxury packaging of Smile Makers Peronal Premium Lubricants are in pretty pastels and "presentable".
 As in, you can proudly put it on your dressing table (next to your favorite face cream) or bedside table without feeling embarrass.

Smile Makers Peronal Premium Lubricants are:
* Paraben Free
* Fragrance Free
* Water Based
* Condom compatable
* Silicone massagers/vibrators compatable

Smile Makers Lubricants are available in 3 textures so that everyone can find their personal preference:

Light as feather, this is formulated for a natural sensation.

Silky and soothing, nourishes instantly for a smooth and velvety feel.

Rich and luxuriously textured for ultra-sensorial feel providing the right amount of cushioning.

Say goodbye to those sticky lubricants with yucky medicated smell.
Smile Makers Lubricants are safe, sophisticated, luxurious and pampering.

Now available in selected Watsons stores and retail at S$29.95.

For more information and other products, please visit

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