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Friday, 16 October 2015

Siem Reap, Cambodia, Day 3 (Part 2)

Destination: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Duration: 13 to 16 Aug 2015

Flight:  Jet Star -  2 way rounded up to be S$366  -____-

Accommodation:  Steung Siem Reap Hotel (4 star) - Street 9, Sangkat Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Website - www.steungsiemreaphotel.com

Mode of travel: A local coordinator was with us.  We had 2 vans drove to drive us around.  We engaged a guide for AngKor Wat visit.

Time difference: 1 hour behind Singapore

Currency: USD and Cambodian Riel, but USD is used more often.

Weather: around 33°C with occasional rain.

Note:  The main purpose of this trip was to do voluntary work at schools and villages with Inspiring Stars, but we did have a bit of fun and leisure.

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15 Aug 2015 - Day 3

We were back at the hotel around 5pm after visiting the schools and villages.   Ada and children stayed in their room to rest and freshen up, my the other sis went for some alcohol dose with friend, while I went exploring around the hotel alone.

Spending time alone during oversea trips had always turned out fun and fruitful, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

For the pass few days we had always turned left from our hotel to Pub Street, so I decided to find out what's at the right....
Found this New Leaf Book Cafe in less than 3 mins after stepping out of the hotel.

New Leaf Book Cafe
Group 10, Phum Mondul 1, Svay Dungkum
306 Street 9
Krong Siem Reap
855 63 766 016

Their Facebook updates events and everything, but you hardly find a food pic.  It's heart warming to know that this is not a commercial cafe, the profit all goes to educational projects in Siem Reap.

New Leaf is a cafe cum bookstore.
I love the bamboo sofa and arm chairs, also those terra cotta floorings which I don't get to see in Singapore any more.

The quiet and relaxing ambience was totally different from bustling Pub Street though they were just a street apart.

My sis had been to Siem Reap countless times staying at the same hotel, couldn't believe she actually missed out this place.  She hor, like a horse with blinkers, working too hard, totally no time to explore.  I'll need "kidnap" her to this lovely cafe the next trip.

Mocha USD2.50

Mango Sticky Rice USD2.75
I didn't pin high hopes but when it came, happiness flooded, it's probably the most beautiful Mango Sticky Rice ever!

Sticky rice was wrapped within mango slices.  No white coconut milk but coconut "jam".
  Yummy, very very yummy.  This was the best thing I ever eaten in the entire trip.

No filter, no make-up, a really happy me.

Since the cafe was not crowded, I had the sofa all by myself, heeheehee....

Then a mini sand storm swept by..... the wind was strong, it's visible as it brought brown sand with it.  It's going to rain!

When the wind died down, it began to drizzle.  Instead of heading back to the hotel, I left the cafe and walked farther left....

So there's a shopping mall here after all - Angkok Trade Center.
The mall is small with 3 storeys.

First floor - Swenson, some Pizza restaurant and a supermarket.

Second floor, some shops and a cinema.

Third floor, a game arcade.
Didn't go up to see cos I was afraid of that man in black standing near the escalator.  He was like 看水 that kind of gesture.  Who knows there's a gangster meeting up there or what lolxxx..... Kia si, I left the mall shortly.

Opposite Angkok Trade Center is this stream with a big water wheel and another street which looked interesting.  But the sky which had been suppressing zillons of rain finally gave way and poured......

The last pic I could get and filter it till visible is The HardRock Cafe.  My sisters and bro-in-law are the die hard fans of it.
Again, nobody knows there's a HardRock, I "discovered" it.  Apparently, it was open only a few months ago, so they didn't see it the previous trip 8 months ago.

I ran back to hotel.  I wasn't wet, just damped in a cocktail of sweat and rain (and perhaps a bit of saliva cos I was running with my mouth open grasping for breath >.<)

一臭到底 (Cos I only brought 4 sets of clothings having in mind it's enough for 4 days.  So now I know I need 2 sets for each day in Cambodia >.<), together with other team mates, we went visiting this local market place.  It's a freaking long stretch of pasar malam which we had no idea where it ends.  Looking around we were the only tourists there lolxx...

I do not have the actual address of this place but if you are interested, just drop me a comment, I'll go and ask our local coordinator Chayy.

Fruit stall...

Kuey kuey stall...

Lady peeling jack fruit and it's a mess at her feet...

BBQ stalls...

Transportation for mineral water...


If you purchase food at the stalls, you can comfortably sit in the tent to eat.


Steamed shell and some beefy intestine or something...


Mini ferry wheel...

Kiddy rides...

Pasar Malam clothes...

Soft toys...

Everything and anything could be found.  I found a old fashion door rug which was not possible to get in Singapore.  When I asked for the price, the teenage stall keeper just stare blank at me.  A tour mate who speaks Cambodian came to my rescue, it was only S$0.70.
  Pay.  Grab.  Go.  Happy ^.^

We had dinner at this Meng BBQ Restaurant.  I couldn't remember the exact price but the buffet was around USD6.00 only.

Meng BBQ Restaurant
Wat Bo Village
Sala Kamrek Commune
Siem Reap

I was all excited over these mantis prawns but unfortunately they weren't too fresh and meat was mushy like smashed potatoes.  Other then this, the variety was great and everything else was good.

Lots of veg...

Cooked food also...

Spring rolls and fruits...

Charcoal Mookata...

Some local staple with chilli and bean sprouts. It's soft and mildly sweet on it's own.

Veg rice rolls, NICE!

Dinner ended as supper, we were back to our hotel at around 10.30pm.  While the rest K.O., a team mate and I went to HardRock Cafe ^.^

Hard Rock Cafe, Siem Reap
King's Road Angkok
Street 7 Makara
Old Market Bridge
Tel: 855 93 565 654

"Angkor" is printed instead of "Siem Reap".

Nice place to chill, but at that moment I needed to sleep more than chill.

  After a shower (finally yeah), I was left with a little more than 4 hours before setting off to Tomb Raider - Angkor Wat....

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