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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Siem Reap, Cambodia Day 4 (Part 2)

Destination: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Duration: 13 to 16 Aug 2015

Flight:  Jet Star -  2 way rounded up to be S$366  -____-

Accommodation:  Steung Siem Reap Hotel (4 star) - Street 9, Sangkat Svay Dangkum, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Website - www.steungsiemreaphotel.com

Mode of travel: A local coordinator was with us.  We had 2 vans drove to drive us around.  We engaged a guide for AngKor Wat visit.

Time difference: 1 hour behind Singapore

Currency: USD and Cambodian Riel, but USD is used more often.

Weather: around 33°C with occasional rain.

Note:  The main purpose of this trip was to do voluntary work at schools and villages with Inspiring Stars, but we did have a bit of fun and leisure.

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16 Aug 2015 - Day 4

We left Angkor Wat Temple, at the same time, temporary escaping from the heat walking into the forested area towards Ta Prohm Temple.

It would be really nice for a slow stroll, but we didn't have the time.
We passed by a random ruined building on the way.

I gauged that we walked about 1km for about 15mins.
I walked into through this pile of rocks, not knowing exactly what to expect as I didn't really read up before visiting.

All I knew was that we were going to see Tomb Raider's film location.  And well, I didn't watch that movie >.<

Ta Prohm Temple was abandon since 17 century, by the time it was recovered in 21st century, trees grown over it with roots wrapping around the structures creating a spectacular sight.

This unusual old tree besides the temple has got a "cave".

Only mother nature knows how the tree grow it's way onto the temple.

Intricate cravings...

Caught my attention as the outlines were still very distinctive.

Looked as if somebody wanted to saw off the heads of the sculptures but only manage half way.

Loose stones and remains still kept.

On another tower, enormous roots crushing the roofs.

Ta Prohm Temple seems to have "natural aircon", inside is really cooling.

The buildings here are smaller compared to Angkor Wat Temple.

This very small one, about the size of a HDB storeroom is the Queen's "jewellery chamber".  I was told she kept all her diamonds and gold in these little holes.  When the sun shines in all the little holes would sparkle.
We couldn't help to look into the holes, in naive hope that one jewellery might be left inside.  Of course nothing is found, heehee...

So now I know strangler figs strangles buildings too lolxx..

Looking like a beautiful pair of legs here.

Thank god, very grateful for giving me this opportunity to see such magnificent and beautiful part of the world.
The trip was so worth it.  We left Ta Prohm from here, drove to Bayon Temple.

We only had time to view Bayon Temple from far, I'll be back!

A couple of photos taken with zoom lens...

Back to hotel, we had our lunch, our last meal in Siem Reap before catching noon flight back to Singapore.

So, part 3 will be a food review on Blue Pumpkin at Pub Street.

Thanks guys for reading ^.^

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