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Friday, 9 October 2015

Recover healthy nails - LOCYCARE


Being a manicurist for about 8 years, I had tried various products and to my knowledge, cuticle oil is the best for dry nails and cuticles.  However having greasy fingers is not what most ladies like.

LOCYCARE Nail Gel was send to me many weeks ago..... I "sat" on it as I was really busy (ooops...), and also I was thinking it's just another nail cream or something...  Then, when I applied it the first time.... I was WOW!!

This was my nails condition last week.
All the housework, constant contact with acetone from doing nails made my own nails really dry.  I doll up people's nails but hardly have time to do mine recently.

The 2 thumbs were the worst.
I know the problem very well of course, the ridges and lines and those little white patches were cause by excessive dryness.

LOCYCARE nail gel squeezed out to be a transparent gel, very light in texture, with a faint minty fragrance.
LOCYCARE contains a unique combination of humectants restore the natural water content of damaged nails and artemisia leaf extract which has an antimicrobial action.

I dabbed a bit of the LOCYCARE nail gel on each nail and spread it on the entire nail plates together with the cuticles in a swift massage manner.  The instant absorption was amazing and my nails were hydrated immediately.
My nails after the first application.

The ridges on my thumb was visibly less noticeable and the hydration lasted about 3 to 4 hours.

No more greasy fingers from traditional nail/cuticle oil, I could get back to typing immediately after applying LOCYCARE nail gel!

This is the current condition of my nails after applying LOCYCARE once a day for 1 week.
I believe the result could be even better if I had applied it twice a day as recommended.

LOCYCARE Nail Gel (15g) is retailing at S$19.90 at selected pharmacies.

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