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Friday, 7 April 2017

Nature Glory's Plum Balls for Preggies and All


While pregnancy was joyful, it was along with a lot of discomfort too.  I had heart burnt, indigestion, extreme morning sickness so bad that I was admitted.  And during admission, I was diagnosed with bacteria in my blood too.
Oh gosh, I looked like a whale here >.<

My stomach, along with it's big and small intestines are still "rebellious".  They refused to digest properly, I always feel bloated many hours after a meal.  If you had read my Dayre, around Feb, I had very bad haemorrhoids.  I bleeded during every business and was on medication for a month.  It was a nightmare and I really really won't want to go through it ever again!

Nature's Glory Plum Balls came in and has been helping my body.
Made from “Blue Diamonds” of fruits, Plums; Nature’s Glory Plum Balls is a natural supplement product from Japan.

This  POTENT PLUM-BASED supplement have multitude of health benefits:
 - Improving liver functions
 - Maintaining digestive system
 - Boosting immune system
 - Guarding against blood acidity
 - Inhibiting growth of bacteria in the water, food and blood.

Plums are an excellent source of natural minerals and vitamins. Unlike other brands, Nature’s Glory Plum Balls have a higher plum concentrate and do not contain any artificial citric acid to make it more sour, neither are there chemicals, additives or colourings.
Recommended dosage after meals, 10 to 15; swallow, suck or chew which ever way you are comfortable with.  Myself, I swallow a few first,  then chew another few, and suck the rest in my mouth like sweets.

Nature's Glory Plum Balls has been awarded:
The Best Natural Pregnancy Supplement 2017
from Parents World.

Nature’s Glory Plum Balls contain wild mountain yam which aids in digestion and hormone support. The traditional natural formula promotes the absorption of nutrients including calcium, iron, and phosphorus, which are essential for the health of a pregnant woman and her foetus.  There's no wonder why it's awarded the best!

Not only for mothers, it's good for me and everybody too.  As much as I trusted and like my family doctor, I want to keep myself away from him as far as possible lolxx... With the help of Nature's Glory Plum Balls.

Priced at S$16.30/150balls and S$70/750balls. Available at Nature’s Glory retail outlet
and online www.natures-glory.com

Nature's Glory
315 Outram Road #01-09, Tan Boon Liat Building, Singapore 169074
Tel: 62271318
Email: customerservice@natures-glory.com
Facebook and IG: @naturesglorysingapore

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  1. Interesting but I will suggest all the ladies reading this post, not to try it on your own, do consult your doctor before using this product