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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Looking for Tuition Teachers

My Luis will be sitting for his PSLE next year.  Me already breaking into cold sweats.  As his mother, know my own son's standard.  It will be miracle for him to pass with flying colors.  So all I asked for is to get him into Secondary school -__-

He's a brilliant boy with playful thoughts.  Very shy initially but will open up with funny conversations after some interactions.  Still love hugging soft toys, he's still a baby.

Needs coaching on Chinese, Science and Maths.

Looking for responsible tutors who can commit and help him through his PSLE.

Kindly email me chubbyvoo@yahoo.com.sg for further details.  Any souls out there?!?  Thank you!

p.s.  those looking for fast cash by teaching just a few months, please DO NOT apply!


  1. Found a tutor yet?

  2. We firmly believe in a Strength First approach to studying.
    You would have by now found a tutor, but if you have not, do check out the indepedent tutors listed on SG Tutors.