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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Ramen Play & Honeymoon Desserts @I12Katong

Hello folks!  I went MIA for a while cos' I was busy to the brim with nails appointments before and after my Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) trip.  As usual (things just couldn't be "normal" in my life), a simple short trip became an "adventure" with mini heart-attacks.  I myself haven't find time to look at the photos I had taken, very anxious to get them post here but it's gonna take me sometime to sort everything out >.< 

Meanwhile, food lobangs at I12Katong -

Visited Ramen Play for early dinner at around 5pm which was why the place was quite empty.

Chocolate Mint milk shake.  Only took a sip, the rest went to Luis T__T

So delicious to the eyes!

My hubby said it was a bit saltish for him, but I find it ok.

This is what I consider a proper salad.  Read my post on Yayoiken's lousy side salad here

Ramen Play's Ramen comes in 3 soup bases to chose from -
Shonyu - clear soup base
Tonkotsu - thick creamy soup base
Double - mixture of Shonyu & Tonkotsu

I chose Tonkotsu soup base   ^_^
Cropped off my head, so as not to ruin this food review post with my naked face :X

Luis's curry ramen set.
Suppose to have carrot/potato cubes in the noodle,
but had specially request the kitchen to omit the vegetables for my picky kid.

Crispy chicken cutlet :P~~~

If interested, address of Ramen Play at I12Katong as follows-
112 East Coast Road #02-06
Singapore 428802
Tel: 6636 3460
Open 11am - 10pm daily

Although it was a satisfying meal at Ramen Play,
greed lead us to Honeymoon Desserts for some sweet cravings -

Couldn't remember what is this called.
It's served in a single, small piece on a small sauce plate, so miserable.

But inside was heaven with ice-cream and mango :P~~
Only took Luis less than 10sec to gobble up, totally no chance to steal a bite.
I got to lick the ice-cream from the plate, yummy............

Mango with grass jelly and coconut sauce.
Any dessert with grass jelly made hubby happy ^_^
especially when their mango is sweet and right!

Steam milk with almond and walnut.
I basically love anything with milk, I never out grow this craving like a baby.
But I would prefer the texture to be less watery.

Honeymoon Desserts at I12Katong -
112 East Coast Road
#B1-30 Singapore 428802
Tel: 6636 3070
Open 12pm -10.30pm daily


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