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Friday, 16 November 2012

Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant @Bugis Plus

A couple of weeks ago, went to collect my kids' passports.
Hairband - Chomel
Stripy blouse - BKK
Denim jeggings - Uniglo
White clutch - BKK

Blog post made possible as we went Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant at Bugis Plus 1st floor for lunch.

Spacious corner with maroon cushioned bench.

Spices and stuffs at the corner of the table.

 Banana yogurt with camera shy Darren behind.

Shredded cabbage as salad, which I wasn't the least bit of interested with.
If you had been my reader for sometime, you know I love salads and this is simply not my "standard".

Everything was average, till my steak on hot plate arrived, in a pool of water.

 Yes, I repeat - MY STEAK WAS IN A POOL OF WATER   -______-
I should had rejected it, but I didn't.

As such, my experience with Yayoiken was totally drenched.  If your experience with this restaurant is a pleasant one, then blame it on my "suay-ness".  Will not visit again. thank you.  My damped mood was consoled by Gelateria ice-cream next to it.

Tempting display.

We had oreo, mango and raspberry :P~~
Can't remember how much we paid for, only know that it's not cheap but it's really yummy.

Bugis Village is really interesting with lots of hidden treasures.  Had to curb shopping urges and it was a torture.   After lurking around for a short while, head back home to work.  Have to work hard, in order to be able to play hard ;)


  1. 1 scoop was about $5 :) But really worth it. I like the coffee scoop !

  2. All in all bugis is a great place to spend time