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Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Lu Skin - Detox Total & Anti-Wrinkle Serum

My friends and neighbours always ask me, how did I manage to look younger and younger.  It's still the same old tale: drink more water, consume more fruits & vegetable and DO NOT smoke;  plus a lot of $$$ and time spend on skincare.

Regular visits to facial salon is a must to me.  Most people have a concept that facials are for tai-tais and it's a waste of money.  They would rather spend money on those paper face masks with cute packagings which are easily available in any beauty stores economically.  If you belong to this group of females, let me tell you  a sad fact - you are wasting your money.

The reason is very simple - you are putting the face masks and whatever skin care on your clog pores, "floating" on skin surface and not "into" your skin.

Our skin only appears to be clean from daily cleansing, but not thoroughly cleansed.  A monthly facial helps in deep cleansing and extractions really clean up the pores.   Only well cleansed face with minimum clog pores will absorb skincare better.

Facial once in a month..... and how about the rest of the 29 days of the month?
This is what I had been using for the pass over week -
Detox Total & Anti-Wrinkle Serum from The Lu Skin (Korea)
This set is a one month supply.

To maximise the effect of creams/lotions, do not just any how "bua" (apply) ok.  Apply in upwards motions like this -

First, upwards from the chin to the cheek bones and
chant under your breath: "V-shape jaws, V-shape jaws" X10
(sorry, I looked stupid >.<)

Then from the nose spread outwards to the cheeks,
anti-gravity, heehee......

Nose towards the brows in upwards motion,
to smoothen those frown lines....

Lastly outwards for forehead,
to eliminate any "railways" (wrinkles), waaahaaahaaa.......

Yes, this is how I apply my skincare.

So, here's my

Detox Total bottle comes with a drip.

It's whitish in color, odourless, very light textured absorbed instantly without any sticky feel after apply.

 2nd step, Anti-Wrinkle Serum.

Colourless light textured liquid, instant absorption, absolutely no sticky feel as well.

After applying this set of products religiously for more than a week, my laugh lines are less obvious and the firming effect is visible.  However, I do not have any good photos to show the difference, what a waste!

I had in total of 5 sets.  Initially I wanted to sell off 2 sets at my previous blog post here.  Thank goodness, nobody was interested!  Now, I WON'T let a single set off, cos' it's so effective!  Infact, I'm beginning to worry what to do if I finish the 5 sets T_____T

Perhaps this is a good excuse to fly over to Korea again, heehee.....


  1. Hi, may I know where did you buy this in Seoul?

    1. I have no ideal, my korean girlfriend who works as a tour guide bought them over me.

  2. The skin shop detox total anti wrinkle cream is product. Good post

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