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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

东北人家 - authentic china cuisine

I don't care if you can stand my bimbo-ness or not, here's my outfit of that day to 东北人家 for dinner.

Skulls ear hook from SCAPE and I'm crazy in love with it.
Pink top and high-low skirt from BKK.
The skirt was "flying" and "flying" on that windy evening,
and gosh, I felt like a 仙女 sia lolxx.....
Don't have any nice pic of close-up cos' I took the MRT to Chinatown.
Somehow my best self-take shots are always taken in my hubby's mini bus.

东北人家 is located near Hotel 81 of Chinatown.  This restaurant has two storeys and from what I know, it's always crowded even on weekdays.  The glass panels are plaster with big photos of dishes and a photo of a local mediacorp artist 陈澍城.

My hubby's colleague was nice enough to booked a table for the 7 of us and we were lead to the 2nd floor.
Table setting was nothing posh with pink plastic table cover.
It didn't matter to me, good food is more important than atas ambience.

We ordered a pot of chinese for all of us to share @S$2 only.

Sweet and sour cucumber cold dish.
Crunchy and yummy and healthy!

Stir fried intestines with green chilli  (熘肥肠)
I am not a fan of intestines to begin with.  But this totally won me over.

The intestine is so tender and juicy with rich flavours of spicy and sweet.
Totally addictive and we had to order another plate to satisfy our cravings.
Seriously a MUST ORDER in this restaurant!

Pan cakes with spring onions, meal wouldn't be complete without this.

Long beans with pounded dried chilli, spicy hot hot hot!

Braised pork ribs.

Yummy, it just taste different from other usual chinese restaurants that I had been to in shopping malls.

Thumbs up for pan fried dumplings, which we ordered another plate.

Minced chicken and spring onion fillings

 Boiled dumplings, the pan fried ones tasted better though.

They called this 乱炖.  It's quite a big bowl, so got to have a group of eaters if you want to order this.

It's a savoury home cooked style dish with -
corn, long beans, pork belly slices, potatoes and a bit of rice noodles.

Deep fried groupa with sweet sauce.
The taste wasn't too bad, but being extremely picky, it's not fresh enough to satisfy me.

Nevertheless, the head was mine!

Stir fried prawns in spicy sauce.
No good, prawns not fresh and the shells were stuck to the meat.
As such, I won't recommend seafood in this restaurant.

The 7 of us "rolled" out of the restaurant with our rounded tummies.  Each of us paid only S$18 to cover the bill.  Hur hur, couldn't believe it!  Even those normal coffee shop "zi char" will easily cost more than that.  Worth until don't know what to say..........  Ya ya ya, I won't forget, here's the address and remember to call and make reservation before popping down!

22 Upper Cross Street
Singapore 058334
Tel: 6224 5258


  1. Dear Susan, I used your photo in FB for the place visited. I wanted to add a credit note for your blog on that page but couldn't find a place. If you are not okay with you can remove from the site. https://www.facebook.com/pages/%E4%B8%9C%E5%8C%97%E4%BA%BA%E5%AE%B6/191779937521871

    1. As long as you notify me, no problem, use ba :)