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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Smile with healthy teeth!


Do yourself, your family members or any friends you know had spend hundreds or thousand in braces or invisalign, teeth whitening etc?  I am 99% sure is yes!  More and more people are willing to spend money to beautify their smile with perfect teeth.

For this reason, this blog post is very very important ok!  Beautiful and healthy teeth comes together with healthy gums, but a lot of people only focus on teeth whitening but neglected the gums which is the foundation of healthy teeth.

If we contracted gum disease, our gums may be too weak to hold and secure our teeth, then we'll be "bo gay" (no teeth).  If you "bo gay", then you can only drool over my blog reviews on food, cos' you no teeth to chew any more!  Isn't it a tragic!?!

This is my son, Darren's baby photo, with a big smile showing his healthy gums.
He was (and is) really adorable, but I don't think grown ups will look adorable without teeth lolxxx....

To avoid putting ourselves at risk of being "bo gay", we have to look out for the following -

Symptoms of Gum Disease
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* gums bleed easily even with gentle toothbrushing

* red & swollen gums

* persistent bad breath

* receding gums

* unstable teeth

Click here for more information.

The story doesn't end with losing your teeth, gum disease also may leads to other health issues such as Cerebrovascular (stroke), Cardiovascular disease, diabetes and pre-mature births.  Scary leh......  祸从口出,病从口入。(chinese idiom meaning trouble may caused by words from a person's mouth, illness enters through body by mouth).  So for the sake of both beauty and health we should take good care of our teeth and gums!


* Make regular visits to the dentist (no matter how much you dreads)

* Eat a balanced diet
- dairy products for calcium which are fortifying teeth and bones
- fruits and vegetables which are good source of vitamin A & C
- meat & eggs for proteins

* Good personal oral care
brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day
clean in between your teeth every day
- follow by mouth rinsing with anti-bacterial mouthwash

Systema, the gum care expert, developed by Lion - Japan's No. 1 oral care company offers a range of products for healthy gums, healthy teeth and a healthier you ^.^

Systema Toothpaste
clinically proven 4X better gum protection!
Available in 3 variants: Breezy Mint, Sakura Mint & Icy Cool Mint

Patented Super-Tapered Soft & Slim bristles
Soft & Slim bristles that cleans effectively yet 3X gentler on gums!
Available in 6 variants of 3 head sizes (Large, Regular & Compact) & 2 bristle types (soft & medium)

Systema toothbrush with patented super tapered bristles

Ordinary round-ended bristles

Systema Mouthwash
Alcohol-free, helps to prevent gum disease and provide long lasting protection!
Available in 3 variants:
from the left, Sakura Mint (Pink!!  My favourite)
Blue Caribbean and Green Forest

Systema Interdental Gel & Brush
Removes 95% of plaque between teeth & gums;
effective in cleaning hard to reach narrow spaces!
Available in 2 variants:  small and medium brush size

You may find out more about Systema at their web-site  http://www.lioncorp.com.sg/systema/systema.html

Sorry, if I sounded like a naggy old mama, but I hope this little blog post will create awareness on importance of teeth and gum care.  

Ending this post with my big grin =D
I know my teeth not perfect lah, but they are functioning pretty well,
and yes they bites (if you cross my path lolxxx..).
Please take care of your mouth teeth and gums, 
so as to enjoy all the food you love and smile as widely as you desire.

Disclaimer -
Please note that I am not affiliated or in any way linked to this brand.


  1. It's important to take proper care of your teeth to avoid any potential problems down the road.

  2. Many of the diseases now days can be traced to how we take care of our teeth. It is so important that we do not let out teeth get out of control.

  3. This may be an advertorial but i do find it quite important that people learn about oral care!